Bovine Services

 We offer several different services related to cow-calf production.  We offer both in-clinic and field services.  In the clinic we have our circle tub, alley way and Flying W hydraulic squeeze chute.  For client needs in the field, we have two veterinary trucks and a portable hydraulic Silencer squeeze chute to aid us in working with the cattle. 


 General Examinations 

  • Physical Exam
  • Treatment of sick animals on an individual or herd level
  • Regulatory work such as certificates of veterinary inspections or health certificates


Preventative Medicine 

  • Herd Health Processing
  • Vaccination Program Consultation
  • Brucellosis “Bangs” Vaccination
  • Castration
 For more information regarding vaccinations, click here.


Bovine Reproduction 

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis – Rectal Palpation and Ultrasound Services
  • Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Consultation
  • Calving: Assisted Delivery, Fetotomy, C-section.
  • Heifer Pelvic Measuring and Reproductive Tract Scoring
  • Breeding soundness/Fertility Testing Bulls


Emergency Services As Needed